Management Services

Coastal Life Vacations is a full-service property management company that focuses on quality vacation rentals in Ocean City, Maryland and the surrounding areas.  We offer our owners premium marketing services, real-time reporting and accounting, enhanced property care services and 24/7 support.  Coastal Life Vacations is a locally owned and operated company that is committed to providing the highest levels of customer service to our owners and their guests.

Marketing Services
Professional Photography

Vacationers consistently rate photos as one of the most important factors in determining which property they book.  We have professional photos shot for all of our rental listings, which are then utilized throughout the property's entire marketing campaign.

Airbnb and VRBO

Airbnb and VRBO are the two most popular vacation rental booking sites on the Internet.  We feature all of our listings on Airbnb and VRBO with enhanced listing placement at no additional charge, which leads to additional bookings for our clients.

Interactive Virtual Tours

Photographs are static elements that can only go so far in providing vacationers with the true flow of a property.  To assist with this we have interactive 3-D virtual tours created for our listings, which ensures our listings stand out in a crowded market.

Targeted Social Media

We have a considerable following on social media via Coastal Life's rental and sales divisions.  This audience is curated through lifestyle content and useful area information.  Your rental listing will be prominently featured throughout our social media marketing efforts.

Search Engine Optimization

Through paid and organic efforts, we are consistently working on driving more consumer traffic to our website where your rental listing is featured.  We do this by consistently creating useful local content and through paid Google Adwords advertising campaigns.

Your listing will be prominently featured on our our best-in-class website that is built on the most innovative and reliable platform in the industry.  Our website receives considerable traffic via search engine optimization, paid marketing and referrals from our sales division.

Management Services
Locally Owned and Operated

Coastal Life Vacations is a locally owned and operated property management company, which enables us to provide a higher level of service and responsiveness.  Our local roots enable us to provide valuable local insight to both our owners and their guests.   

Property Management System

We utilize the  Guesty management system to manage our properties.  The PMS is the central hub where all property information is entered.  Property data, pricing and availability are then synchronized across all of the platforms Coastal Life Vacations utilizes.    

Flexible Rental Plan Options

Coastal Life Vacations offers a variety of rental plan options to choose from based on your goals, intended use of the property, location, seasonality and property type.  Our management system makes it easy for us to create custom rental plans for each individual owner.    

Dynamic Pricing Tools

Coastal Life Vacations will create a custom rental revenue projection for your property.  The revenue projection will be based on thorough market research of comparable properties, current market trends and your overall goals with the property.

24/7 Customer Support

Coastal Life Vacations offers 24/7 customer service and support to both our owners and their guests. Being a locally owned and operated company, we are able to respond promptly to guest inquiries, owner requests, maintenance needs and emergencies.  

Repair Management

Coastal Life Vacations maintains strong relations with their vendors and contractors.  As a result, we are responsive, thorough and reliable.  Barring the unforeseen, we are able to get maintenance requests and emergencies addressed the same day.

Guest Experience
Instant Online Reservations provides real time property information, pricing and availability.  This allows for seamless, instant online bookings for Coastal Life Vacation's guests, which ultimately leads to more bookings for our rental property owners.

Automatic Payment Schedule

All payments are collected automatically on a set schedule through our property management system and payment provider.  50% of the reservation amount is collected at booking and the remainder is collected 30 days prior to the guests arrival date.

Contactless Check-In

All Coastal Life Vacation's rental properties are equipped with an electronic lock where possible.  Guests are provided a unique access code to use throughout their stay.  This also gives us the ability to monitor and control all access to the property.  

Local Service and Support

Someone from Coastal Life Vacation's local staff is always available to assist our guests as needed and we provide 24/7 support for emergencies.  Our property management system funnels all guest communications to one unified inbox so nothing gets overlooked.

Effective Communication

Coastal Life Vacations prides itself on prompt and effective communication.  All guest inquires are responded to in a timely manner via whichever channel the guest contacts us through.  We will follow-up with the guest as needed to ensure everything is satisfactory.    

Guest App

Coastal Life Vacations provides a convenient web-based app for all of our guests.  The app stores all of the pertinent information for the guest's stay in one convenient location that they can access before and during their stay from their desktop and mobile devices.

Enhanced Property Care
Smart Lock System

Coastal Life Vacations installs electronic smart-locks on all of our rental properties where possible.  These smart-locks secure your property and provide controlled, monitored access for guests, cleaners, contractors and maintenance personnel.

Linen and Towel Packages

Coastal Life Vacations provides complete linen and towel packages for all guests with each booking.  We have a good working relationship with a local linen vendor who exchanges the used linens with a fresh linen and towel package after each booking.

Enhanced Cleaning Services

Clean properties are one of the keys to success in the vacation rental industry.  We maintain strong relationships with a select few professional cleaning companies.  As a result of these strong relationships our professional cleaners are prompt, accountable and thorough.

Regular Property Inspections

The rental properties we manage receive thorough inspections after each booking.  Any damage is promptly reported to us and we will notify the guest accordingly.  Through the damage waiver and negotiation, we will do our best to get any issues resolved.

Rapid Maintenance Service

We maintain good relationships with the best contractors in the area.  As a result, we are typically able to get maintenance issues and repairs taken care of the same day they are reported.  These contractors are reliable, perform quality work and are cost effective.  

Damage Protection Plans

All Coastal Life bookings include an Accidental Damage Waiver.  The damage waiver provides $1000 in accidental damage coverage.  Should an issue arise, Coastal Life will take care of coordinating any property repair or replacements that are necessary.   

Reporting and Accounting
Real-Time Reporting

Coastal Life Vacation's reporting is real-time and synced across all of the platforms we utilize.  Owners can simply log-in to their unique, private portal at anytime to get an up-to-date and accurate overview of their rental property's performance.

Online Owner Portal

Coastal Life Vacations provides each owner with their own portal that can be accessed from their desktop or mobile devices.  The Owner Portal provides information on bookings, rates, revenue and allows the owner to make their own owner-block bookings.

Detailed Owner Statements

Detailed accounting statements are provided each month that outline booking dates, revenue, management fees and any applicable invoices.  The accounting statements are emailed out at the beginning of the month and also available in the Owner Portal.

Direct Deposit Transfers

For convenience, Coastal Life Vacations sends all net rental proceeds to the Owner via direct deposit at the beginning of each month.  The accompanying accounting statement will provide detail on all associated revenue and expenses for the month.

Monthly Accounting

Coastal Life Vacations performs its accounting during the first week of the month for the preceding month after rental monies have been earned.  This streamlined process protects the owner and appeases the ever-important online booking sites and their policies.     

Rental Tax Management

Coastal Life Vacations will take care of paying all sales and Worcester County room taxes on your behalf.  These taxes are collected on each booking and we will distribute them to the appropriate authorities during the monthly accounting cycle.